KAI CHING Color Coating Products ( Myanmar Sole Agents )

Kai Ching Industry Co.,LTD. Since the establishment in Taiwan from 1977, Kai-Ching Group Strives to become an internationalized steel manufacturing mill providing excellent service. In order to deliver prime quality steel  products to meet the demand of our customers, we delicate all necessary resources in equipment improvement, production capability and research and development innovation. In the past thirty years in the industry, Kai-Ching’s products have delivered to every corner of the world and have been well received by our customers for the excellence in quality and service. Therefore, Kai-Ching extends the manufacturing facility into China comprising multiple production lines. The expansion further broaden our product varieties and enhance our competitiveness. Under fierce competition in the global market, the application and utility of flat steel products becomes more diversified and sophisticated. In order to facilitate the competitiveness of our customers, Kai-Ching expedites its pace on research and development to produce steel sheets with better processing ability and superior surfaces appearance. Further, the company extends the product range from traditional construction applications into automotive, home-appliance, illumination, and electronics.In spite of increasing global ecological concern, issues such as energy efficiency, health care, environmental conservation become center of attention for individuals as well as enterprises. Kai-Ching also do address these issues by implementing the environmental considerations in the supply chain cycle, including raw material acquirement, production process, application practice and post-usage recycling. Keeping the objectives of producing “ environmentally friendly products” with minimal ecological burden and precluding bodily harm in mind, we endeavor for a healthy and comfortable environment wich leads to the ultimate goal of sustainable development with balanced ecology and human habitat.Kai-Ching Group places quality first and customer satisfaction as our business guideline, couple with rigorous standardized management procedures to offer superb quality products and services. Furthermore,  with incessant innovation and improvement, the members make every effort to achieve win-win situation for our customers with maximizing profitability, increasing competitive advantage, and adding industry value. By putting these traditional values into daily practice, we undertake to sustain as the key supplier of prime quality flat steel product supplier in the market and growth in time with our customers.

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